Elvis Entertainers Network

Dear Friends,

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, our Memphis Elvis Week Competition is still going to happen. Problems arose among a partnership; however, the contest is safe.

The Elvis Entertainers Network has been in existence for 15 years and is totally and completely owned by me. During these 15 yrs, I have tried my best to improve the lot of all the ETA's I love and respect.

For this reason, our contest will now be called Elvis Entertainers Network World Championships. Everything else will remain the same. If you have bought tickets, your seats are secure. If you have entered the contest, your entry is valid. If you have rented the room for your private show, your spot is reserved.

I will be posting more info in the next few days.

Hotel reservations will be available within 10 days. Anyone holding paid tickets for the contest can call Debbie (574) 849-2341 or me (815) 838-7979 for the password to get the special fan rate of $99.

Love to you all for your support and God's blessing on us all.